Northland Institute of Leadership and Ministry is dedicated to helping and encouraging young people as they strive to develop their God-given talents and train for a lifetime of Great Commission service: following Jesus Christ and encouraging others to follow Him as well.

Through our “life-touching-life” discipleship emphasis, Northland is working to help students grow deeper in their personal walk with the Lord and in their ability to serve Him wherever they are. We find this cause in Matthew 28:19–20. Jesus entrusts His followers down through time with the incredible responsibility of reflecting His character in a dark world and introducing others to Himself through the Gospel. The cause of the Great Commission demands total commitment—abandonment of all else to live in fellowship with God and to share His truth with others.

If you or someone you know is searching for a Word-focused environment that emphasizes this mission and focuses on preparation for a lifetime of dedication to the cause of the Great Commission, we encourage you to prayerfully consider joining us here at Northland.

Life At Northland

Northland Institute stands firmly in the stream of Baptist faith and practice. We recognize the need for solid Bible training to rekindle a fervor and zeal for the ministry both at home and abroad. Our program is saturated with Bible and doctrine courses as well as practical ministerial training courses, both of which are vital in preparing and training students for life and ministry.

Christ-Centered in Life

Northland integrates the Lord Jesus Christ into all studies and activities. By precept and personal example, the faculty and staff desire for Christian character to be built into the life of each student. For principles of life and Christian service to become established patterns for future ministry, students must make them priorities during this time of Bible training.

Bible-Centered in Action

The Bible is our reference point for instruction and conduct both in and out of the classroom. Northland’s desire is for students to learn that the answers in God’s Word are the solutions for the pressures of life. As their knowledge of Scripture increases, students will experience and give testimony to the power of God in their daily lives.

Ministry-Centered in Service

Northland offers many opportunities for developing spiritual leadership. Biblical leadership is not lordship but servitude. Therefore, the goal of leadership training is to develop in each student the heart of a servant coupled with the ability to lead. Serving others is an attitude that manifests itself in actions.

Local Church-Centered in Outreach

Northland emphasizes the importance of the local church. Each week students participate in ministry and outreach opportunities under the direction of a pastor and a local church.