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Training Students for a Lifetime of Service

Northland Institute hosts a uniquely different, residential Bible program that allows students to earn a one or two year diploma.

On-Site Experience

There is nothing more effective than the practical and personal participation a residential program can provide where each student is given targeted, personal attention and dynamic instruction in a conservative, Christian atmosphere. Online classes may bring a greater convenience, but they fall short of the practical ministry and life-touching-life experience.

Students that Benefit

The Northland Institute benefits those desiring to invest a year or more of their lives to increase their Bible knowledge, shape their Christian life and enhance their life skills. We invite single, Christian young people, ages 18 or older, to participate in this specialized Bible foundations and life skills training program before enlisting in the military, attending a secular college, or going directly into the workforce. The Northland Institute is also perfect for students looking for Bible training, leadership development, and vocational enrichment – after high school, during their early to mid-twenties, after military service, or after their four-year college degree.

Can I Take Individual Courses?

Northland offers the option of attending only a few block courses throughout the year to laymen or women. There is no formal registration process for this option; however, we would need to know at least two weeks before the seminar date of anyone planning to attend. The cost for attending an individual seminar is $200. The cost for students needing meals and a place to stay will be $280. Our course listing can be viewed here.

Financial Details:

  • $3,500/yr working 20+ hours a week
  • $6,000/yr working 10+ hours a week
  • $1,000 scholarship available to those who serve at Northland Camp during the summer

* Cost includes room, board, & tuition. Does not include missions trip or books.

* We’ve tried to keep the cost down through having students work (compare to $20,000 plus at several Christian colleges). Serving in camp ministry also builds life skills and an opportunity for life-touching-life discipleship in the work place.

Payment Plan

Before September 7, 2017$25 Application Fee/$100 Deposit
September 7, 2017$1500 Down Payment
$3500 Plan $6000 Plan
October 15, 2017$200 $525
November 15, 2017$200$525
December 15, 2017$200$525
January 15, 2018$500$725
February 15, 2018$200$525
March 15, 2019$200$525
April 15, 2018$200$525
May 15, 2018$200 $525

Statements will be out by the 5th of the month and payments are due by the 15th. Have a plan for payment at registration at the beginning of the semester. A late fee of $35 will be applied to payments made after the 20th of the month.

Students must be current each semester in order to continue enrollment.

The financial obligation is to the student, and not to the parents. Please be in contact with the office in regards to the bill and sign the statement of agreement of financial responsibility.

What makes Northland Institute Right for You?

ABSOLUTELY AFFORDABLE – Northland Institute offers a very affordable ‘student-friendly’ price without all the extra fees and charges typically tacked onto one’s monthly bill. When you attend the Northland Institute you can do so knowing that everyone can afford this option. In fact, the Northland Institute is one of the most reasonable Christian educational options available today.

ACTIVE SOCIAL LIFE – Coupled with a multitude of seasonal off-site activities that attract tens of thousands of tourists annually, the student life calendar is also filled with many daily on-site events that keep students actively involved. Banquets, weekend travel excursions, retreats and conferences, student life chapel, and other miscellaneous calendar items provide wholesome, affordable, and exciting things to do throughout the year.

DEFINITELY DIFFERENT – Students seeking a Bible foundations and life skills training program can genuinely receive it at Northland Institute. Each student receives a Bible and Ministry Diploma upon completion of the program. With focused block classes, practical life skills training, and creative student life activities coupled with constant involvement in camp ministry, Northland Institute provides a great alternative to a college experience.

GENUINELY HOSPITABLE – A distinguishing mark of the Northland Institute is the kind, friendly atmosphere students and special guests enjoy on campus. We believe every person should be treated with generous portions of good ole’fashioned ministry hospitality. Students learn how to be authentic Christian people who show personal kindness and grace in every situation and to every person.

GREAT PREACHING – Throughout the year, our students sit under some of the finest preachers in America with regular chapel services, twenty different block classes, summer camp, regular retreats, and other special events. Speakers enjoy the excellent preaching atmosphere where students, campers, and guests value passionate, Bible-based, Spirit-filled preaching in the pulpit.

LIFE-IMPACTING EMPHASIS – We are not merely telling young people what to do; we are also showing them how to live. While one of our goals is to educate each student, the greater goal is to see young people take their course material and practical life skills training and develop a heart for God, a love for others, a servant’s heart in ministry, an established foundation of Bible-based principles that will guide them for the rest of their lives.

LOCAL CHURCH LIFE – The Northland Institute provides pastors a substantial and creative alternative when discussing educational and practical ministry training options with the college-age young people in their church. Pastors, who have the responsibility to place in the way of their church people opportunities for spiritual growth, are encouraged that this, conservative, practical Bible foundations and life skills training program is available, affordable, and impacting to this specific age group.

TEACHING EXCELLENCE– Twenty block classes covering the essential theological and practical topics relevant to every college-age student are presented in a comfortable, conference-style setting. Instructors provide detailed notes, clear instruction, practical homework, group discussion, and creative presentations to facilitate greater interest and understanding of the subject matter.

SKILLED INSTRUCTORS – Carefully selected teachers are essential to the Northland Institute. Each instructor possesses academic credentials, has mastered his course material, and has the ability to creatively, confidently, and passionately teach our students. The instructors are approachable, personable and inspiring, offering students encouragement to develop their walk with God and practical helps that will improve their lives and ministry effectiveness.

SOUL-WINNING FERVENCY – Giving students a chance to practically proclaim the gospel to the world should be important in any training institution. Students are thoroughly trained in evangelistic outreach and will develop a fervent passion for souls. Regular soul-winning trips are planned throughout surrounding communities.

Doctrinal Statement

The Northland Institute and Northland Camp & Conference Center share facilities, staff, doctrinal position, ministry vision, and ministry philosophy. Our doctrinal statement is posted here.